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Tecom’s extrusion lines cover vast fields of application, that go from HDPE film with a thickness of 0.007 millimetres through to a multi-layer film with a thickness of 0.2 millimetres. Some examples of the numerous film applications are shoppers, envelopes for various items, freezer bags, rubbish bags, bags for the humid fraction of composting, films used in agriculture, cover films, films for automatic packaging machines, shrink film for pallets and packaging separate parcels, stretch film for industrial uses, and single- and multi-layer film for packaging and wrapping.
The production programme includes a range of single-layer and multi-layer plants with screws ranging from 35 to 120 millimetres in diameter and lengths of between 500 and 5000 millimetres. The extrusion plants can be tailored with a high-tech content and offer flexible management, they may be conventional or large installations for agricultural and covering film. All the plants use an integral PLC management system and some incorporate devices such as: feed with gravimetric metering, IBC, automatic thickness control, oscillating take-off group with film alignment unit, and computer-based supervision of the entire line