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Gravimetric weight control

Gravimetric weight control is best used in situations when the average weight per meter of the product is particularly vital. The system automatically regulates the extruder output rate and the stretch speed. Whatever type of resin is being used it constantly checks the weight per meter ratio in the production of film, sheets, profiles and […]

Automatic thickness control system

The automatic thickness control for plant producing HDPE and LDPE bubble film permits a precise automatic point-point adjustment of the thickness. This drastically reduces the thickness tolerances along the entire circumference and compensating for the channelling of the melt flow, the imperfect centring of the head and external aerial thermal flows to the plant. All […]

Internal bubble cooling system IBC

Recent technological developments in the internal bubble cooling (IBC), have helped to reduce the problems first occurred in the production of extruded films. The cooling system with IBC leads to a better control of the temperature of the extruded film, at the exit the of the die lip, with decrease of the difference between the […]

Visualization of the process

The complete plant is represented schematically on operator touch screen panels. TECOM components are controlled by a PLC and they communicate with each other via the network. The most important processing and operating data are continuously monitored and visualized. The data is entered via the touch screen and shared through the network. The visualization occurs […]