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Go Bio

Blown Film GO-BIO Lines

Specialized in the construction of blown film extrusion lines, Tecom provides mono and multilayer systems of different sizes able to process all types of polyolefins and biodegradable and compostable polymers based on starches or polylactic acid (PLA) and regenerated materials. Application fields range from HDPE film with 0.7 my thickness to multilayer film with 200 […]

Single screw extruders

On the basis of our many years of experience we continue to perfect and improve the construction technology of the extruders to upgrade them to market requirements. previous publications Versions available ●U-shape “standard” version. Minimum overall dimensions of the length with the motors positioned at the side and equipped with belt transmission, size from ø […]

Screen changer systems

The choice of a suitable screen changer system depends on the use, raw materials and the type of extruder utilized. TECOM offers an excellent screen changer system for all types of processing. Cartridge screen changer Cartridge screen changer with a big filtering surface “CS” series and in-line version “CSL” series. […] Manual screen changer Manual […]

Blown film heads

previous publications Over the years, TECOM has developed two series of extrusion heads, both featuring high reliability of the steels utilized, the ease and simplicity of the maintenance and high performance in terms of quantity and quality of the film produced. Fixed/rotating single flow and double-flow heads – “CFK” series with central feed This series […]

High efficiency cooling systems

External cooling All external TECOM cooling rings are suitable for use with or without internal cooling of the bubble IBC. […] IBC (Internal Bubble Cooling) internal cooling The internal bubble cooling systems IBC are constituted of: A series of sensors mounted on the calibration cage […] Bubble calibration system The calibration cage has the task […]

Take-off units

Fixed and oscillating take-off unit The take-off unit has the task of ironing the film to bring it to the final thickness. […] Collapsing systems of the bubble There are 3 collapsing models of the bubble that offer the ideal system for all work situations. […] Take-off cylinders The width of the take-off cylinders can […]

Winding stations

Contact winders TECOM’s production includes a large range of contact winders, from basic standard versions to fully automatic versions. […] Winder cylinders The widths of the winder cylinders can vary depending on the model, from 0.5 mt. to 5.0 mt. […] Winder mandrel guide The winders are equipped with straight profile side supports, pneumatically controlled […]

Gravimetric weight control

Gravimetric weight control is best used in situations when the average weight per meter of the product is particularly vital. The system automatically regulates the extruder output rate and the stretch speed. Whatever type of resin is being used it constantly checks the weight per meter ratio in the production of film, sheets, profiles and […]

Automatic thickness control system

The automatic thickness control for plant producing HDPE and LDPE bubble film permits a precise automatic point-point adjustment of the thickness. This drastically reduces the thickness tolerances along the entire circumference and compensating for the channelling of the melt flow, the imperfect centring of the head and external aerial thermal flows to the plant. All […]